When You Date Someone Who Is Completely Wrong for You



It might seem like a no brainer, but when it comes to dating the wrong person, many, if not most of us have been there and done that. And I must say that although it’s quite unfortunate because of how valuable our time is, it can be good as well. Life experiences are useful and a great guide for learning more about ourselves. 

We can make good or bad choices in life, and at times, we think that our choices are great, but later on, we see that they weren’t even close to being good choices, let alone great ones. It’s important not to dwell on what happened in a relationship that’s over. At least not for too long. Dwelling on the past can’t do much for your future. However, it is essential that you understand why something ended and try going into new situations with more knowledge of those learned experiences. Otherwise, we tend to make the same mistakes over, and over, and over. Learn from what went wrong. 

You Can Learn a Lot From Dating the Wrong Person.

When you date the wrong person, you learn from it. Now you know what you want a little bit more. You also know what you don’t want a little bit more. As well, you’ll likely have a much better idea of what works for you and what doesn’t in a relationship. And you’ll probably see red flags a little sooner and perhaps even a little brighter. It’s important, however, to go into new situations with an open heart—which is something I say quite often—because it couldn’t be truer. You must keep your heart open and not drag your past mistakes or the mistakes of others along with you. That’s the kind of baggage no one wants to deal with, nor should they have to.

You need to give new situations a clean slate and a genuine chance at working out. If you start to see a pattern where you’re dating the same types of people who do the same types of mistakes . over and over again, put a stop to it. You’re in control of who you date and what you look for in a match. Make a mental note of what you want in a partner, as well as what you don’t want. And don’t settle for less than what you want either. Never settle for less than being with your best possible match.


Look Within and Fix the Problem.

If you date people who treat you poorly, then you need to work on yourself a little bit. You must ask yourself why you’re attracted to toxic situations. When you recognize your toxic pattern of behaviour, stop yourself, rather than sweep the issue under the rug. Address your issues when you notice them. You need to learn from your past experiences and move forward in life taking with you the good and the bad that you learned and experienced.

When you date the wrong person for too long, you’ll likely end up wasting your time and theirs, so when you know the situation you’re in is completely wrong for you, despite some good times or even when a person has many beautiful qualities and attributes, you must know when to say goodbye. Just because someone is a good person or a fun-loving being, doesn’t mean that you belong together. They can be just as good of a person with their right match, but probably an even better version of themselves when they’re with someone who they’re truly compatible with. 

Don’t Sweep Red Flags Under the Rug.


One great thing you’ll likely see after you date the wrong person is that when it’s over, you’re happier as if a weight was lifted, you’ll have positive energy, and things will become much clearer. Sometimes being in the wrong situation can cloud your thinking and judgment, and make you feel empty or bad about yourself. You may have been seeing what you wanted to see, rather than seeing things for how they truly are. Many times, we date the wrong person because we tend to see the good in people and notice all of their many wonderful qualities, rather than 
acknowledge red flags as we should.

The best things in life are the things that you put your whole heart into and that are cared for the most. When you choose to give your time to someone and put all of your love, effort, and dedication into a relationship, make sure that you’re investing in the right person and the right relationship. It’s not as hard as you think to know when you’re dating the wrong person. Just remember, if we’re more self-aware, acknowledge red flags, have an idea of what we want and know what works for us and what doesn’t in a relationship, we’ll have a much better chance at finding the right match.

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