Be Willing to Give Promising Situations a Chance


In the dating scene, and especially when it comes to online dating, many people love getting attention. They love getting their pictures liked, favourited, and most people just love getting matched up on those addictive dating swiping apps. As well, people love having a load of positive responses to their emails as well as getting emails from others showing that they’re interested as well. And sure, we all love to get attention, right? We all want to feel loved. But what’s important is that for those who are looking to date someone, and eventually explore an exclusive, meaningful, and monogamous relationship, it’s imperative to close the door to everyone else, when you see that a situation has potential and is promising.

Many people struggle to let their other options go, to ignoring their ex/exes and other people who are trying to date them or who perhaps they’ve been thinking of dating. And many people even get to the point of never wanting to deactivate and hide their dating profiles when they meet someone who has potential with them. Some people are simply addicted to dating sites. Yep, it’s true, believe it or not. However, in order to give a situation a real chance, you need to close other doors and options. It’s not about how many people you can date, how many people who want to date you or are interested, or how much attention you’re getting. At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself, “Do you want attention from one amazing person aka your best match or attention from a lot of people?” 

Who cares how many singles are out there. Who cares how many fish there are in the sea. I think that we’re all well aware that the grass isn’t greener elsewhere, that no one is going to be perfect, and that there are plenty, and I mean plenty of fish in the sea. But all we really need is one. We should be with our soulmate. Our best possible match. The One. That one special someone who we’re destined to be with. Don’t you believe in love? Don’t you want to be with your best possible match? Well, you should believe in love and you should definitely want to be with your best possible match.

Don’t waste your time by keeping around many options, after having found a deep and meaningful connection with someone. Don’t waste your time giving your love to those who don’t deserve it. Being a loving a kind person doesn’t mean that you should give your love, attention, and affection to just anyone. Save the good stuff for the right person. It’s important to give promising situations a chance by eliminating your other options. You should close the door to your ex/exes, and to all others who are trying to date you and vice versa. You should truly make the decision to stop communicating with other possible options, matches, and possibly even, consider being pure, and end all contact with others who were in the lineup. Deactivate and hide those dating site profiles when you see that you’ve found someone who you have potential with.

Remember, if you’re playing the field for too long, life is bound to pass you by. If you met someone and you like them, what are you waiting for! Turn off the toxic dating sites and be pure and willing to get to know the person on a deeper level and see just how compatible you are together. Let your guard down, open your heart, and be willing to risk getting hurt so that you just might fall in love. Be serious, know what you want, and when you see it or even see a person who just might be what you’re looking for, stop talking to and dating others if you truly feel that a situation is promising and could lead to something meaningful. And especially, if the feeling is mutual. Don’t risk messing something good up for a bunch of maybes. 

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5 thoughts on “Be Willing to Give Promising Situations a Chance

  1. I agree, you need to give promising situations a chance. Some people have just become too picky lately, but there are times when we should open up our minds more and look deeper.

  2. Good thought-provoking post, Anne. I can’t help thinking that’s why the divorce rate is so high today. People are looking for perfection, and they are not satisfied when they find “the one”. My husband and I are coming up to our 50th Wedding Anniversary in a couple of months. So we found perfection? Nope. It didn’t take me long to discover he wasn’t perfect, and I know the same worked the other way too. But we married because we believed we were “the one” in each other’s lives. And so we made it work. There was no room for others.

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