Yard Maintenance: How to Prepare Your Garden and Lawn for Winter



The winter season is just around the corner. Right now is the last chance you’ll have to prepare your garden and lawn for the coming cold. While your garden and lawn shouldn’t need an excessive amount of work, there are a few important yard maintenance tasks that should be done as soon as possible. 

Clean It Up 

You don’t want to leave dead or rotting plants just lying around in your garden. These decaying plants could harbor diseases or fungi that will remain long through winter and infest your new plants come springtime. It’s wiser to gather these dead plants and bury them deep in the soil to nurture new plants as an organic fertilizer. Your lawn should also be cleaned in such a manner. Any sticks, leaves, or bundles of grass clippings should be cleaned up before the snow falls. Remaining leaves and grass clippings will prevent your grass from getting sunlight, promoting brown patches of dead grass. 

Take Safety Precautions 

Winter storms pose various unexpected risks to your property. Tree removal services are something that you should consider if there’s a dead tree in your yard. A dead tree poses many dangers to your property and to those living on your property. When a strong snowstorm blows in, the force can cause large tree limbs or the tree trunk to break and fall onto something or someone. It’s best to remove this potential threat before the heavy snow and strong winds of winter arrive. After all, you don’t want a limb to break off during a big storm and crush your car or damage your home. If you have an old dead tree in your yard, it can easily become a hazard for your family and neighbors. 

Fertilize for Next Year 

The arrival of the winter season is the perfect time to begin planning for the coming spring season. The cold and snow will keep your garden and lawn in a state of hibernation, stifling both growth and decay. While your garden and lawn are resting, help them grow healthy by adding fertilizer to the grass and garden soil before they’re both covered in snow. Fertilizing your lawn each fall before the winter snow arrives is imperative for the health of your grass. If you want your yard to look good all year round, and do not want to spend money replacing dead sections, make sure to fertilize at the appropriate time. 

Remove Weeds 

Although your lawn and garden soils will be covered in snow and hibernating during the winter, your grass and garden bulbs will still grow slightly and receive nourishment. The same is true for weeds. To prevent an abundant outcropping of weeds when the snow melts, take time to remove weeds from your garden and lawn. 

Both your lawn and garden soils will need a fertilizer that’s rich in nutrients and minerals to grow healthy flora next spring. Consider starting an organic fertilizer pile right now by using the appropriate types of food waste.


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