Your Guide to Wearing Floral Jewelry, Whatever the Occasion



Jewelry trends change year on year, but there’s one style which is always popular – florals! Rings, necklaces, earrings, and bangles featuring flowers and nature-inspired designs can always be found, whatever the season. However, it can be trickier to wear this type of jewelry than you might imagine. Make the wrong choice, and you could end up looking twee, or even old-fashioned.

Floral jewelry makes us feel closer to nature and brings positive associations to any outfit. Unfortunately, though, it can appear girly, delicate or quaint, and that look doesn’t suit everyone. Luckily, here we bring you some expert advice for ways you can wear your floral jewelry to complement every look, no matter the occasion.

Think Length And Layered Necklaces

Necklaces can be found in a range of lengths, and you can use this to your advantage when choosing floral jewelry. A longer necklace will accentuate your neckline and draw the eye downwards, emphasizing your décolletage. A long-line necklace also looks effortlessly elegant and works perfectly with open-neck shirts or low-cut tops and dresses. Equally, a long floral-inspired necklace will work perfectly over high-necked sweaters. Why not add even more sophistication by layering necklaces? A long flower necklace paired with a plain choker or, alternatively, a long snake chain paired with a floral choker will look wonderful with any low-necked outfit.

Mixing Your Metals

When selecting floral necklaces, earrings or bracelets, mixing metals can add a new and unusual twist to your jewelry. It can also make the piece more versatile, working perfectly with a wider range of outfits and for both formal and everyday occasions. Rose gold pairs beautifully with shiny sterling silver, while oxidized, blackened silver looks striking against traditional gold.

Pairing Art With Jewelry

One-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry add drama and interest to any outfit. Whether you’re going on a date, attending a wedding or even just going to work, a handmade piece of floral jewelry is sure to be a talking point. One perfect example is this gorgeous jewelry range with real roses. Made from genuine natural miniature rose petals which have been beautifully glazed and trimmed with pure 24 karat gold, come in a choice of five lovely colours. These stunning pendants and earrings won’t fail to impress, whatever the occasion.

Floral Wedding Jewelry

Indian brides have been wearing jewelry made from fresh flowers on their wedding day for generations and now, the trend has moved into Western culture. Using fresh flowers to make rings, bracelets or necklaces is a dramatic and unique way to adorn yourself for your big day. Whether you opt for something dainty or a statement piece, you won’t be disappointed by the striking effect that you can create when you opt for genuine blossoms.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can wear floral jewelry for any occasion without looking outdated. No matter which outfit you choose or where you are going, these inspiring ideas are sure to catch the eye and bring accents of nature to your wardrobe.


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