When You’ve Found That One Special Someone – Hold Onto Them


Nothing feels as good as when you’re dating someone who you really like. The dating scene can be such a challenge these days, because we all have to weed through so many people who either don’t know what they want, have ulterior motives, are just looking for a hookup, or simply, aren’t the right match for you. But when you find that one special someone who makes your heart stop, pound, and brings a smile to your face, nothing feels as good.

The promise of a new situation can be such a great feeling. And it not only happens when you meet someone who you like, start dating, or explore a new relationship with, but it also happens when you’re doing anything in life that you feel good or proud about. It’s important to be whole and complete as an individual before you even put yourself out there to date. But when you find the right match with someone who you feel that you have a lot in common with, and when you can connect on many different levels, it’s exciting, exhilarating, thrilling even, and it completes you in a way. Despite the fact that when we’re whole and in a healthy state of mind, we feel good and complete on our own, when you have that one special someone in your life who you can share and spend time with, makes feeling complete have a whole new meaning.

When you’re dating or in a relationship with someone and things are going well, it can create so much positive light and good energy in all other aspects of your life. Having a balanced life is imperative, and when you’re in a healthy relationship and you feel good about it, it fills in and completes part of that balance. When you’re in a healthy situation, you feel motivated, determined, driven, energetic, and full of love, light, and positive energy. As well, you might even feel so optimistic and enthusiastic, that you’ll thrive on a daily basis.

But unfortunately, when you’re in a toxic relationship or one where you’re being put down emotionally, and verbally, or physically abused, you’ll deteriorate from the inside out. Being in a bad relationship where someone is unkind, insensitive, selfish, thoughtless, and doesn’t care about your needs or how they make you feel on a daily basis can literally destroy you. We can make someone who is naturally driven and motivated into the type of person who lacks drive and motivation, feels empty, lost, and perhaps a complete mess. Being in an unhealthy relationship cannot only drain your light and positive energy, but it can kill your inspiration, your enthusiasm, your balance, and drag you down in every possible way.

We should never settle for being unhappy by staying in a relationship when there’s abuse, when things are one-sided, and where you feel unhappy for the most part. When you explore a relationship with someone, the whole point is to see just how compatible you are and whether or not you make one another happy and feel good. You should be each other’s best friend, a shoulder to lean on, a backbone who gives each other emotional support when needed, and you should be each other’s biggest fans.

When you’re in a healthy relationship, it can almost feel as if everything else in your life will naturally fall into place—despite the fact that you still have to put effort and hard work into things that you care about if you truly desire to have a successful life. But that feeling is there, and your romantic love life is healthy and providing enough happiness, that you’re able to focus on all other areas of your life that are needed. Never settle for being with someone because you’re used to them, because you can’t bear to be alone, or even because you don’t want to hurt them by ending things. You should be with your best possible match, and that will be someone who makes you feel good, inspired, and happier for the most part.

Now don’t get me wrong, because every relationship and every couple has issues and has to work hard on improving themselves and on their relationship so that they can maintain their love and happiness. But at the end of the day, it should be pretty clear and obvious to see whether or not you’re in a healthy, happy, and loving relationship by how you feel inside on a daily basis. If you find that one special someone, and whether you’re dating or in a relationship with them, and you see that you’re smiling, laughing, and you feel good, motivated, energetic, and driven, hold onto that person, don’t let them go, and appreciate them.

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